Taken Powers

Below is a list of all powers currently taken by PCs or significant NPCs.

Power Character Species Description
Sensory Paralysis Alec Volturi Vampire Alec cam take away all of a persons senses, the anesthetic before the death.
Clairvoyance Alice Cullen Vampire Alice can predict the future, although this is subjective.
Sensory Attraction Alistair Vampire Alistair can feel an elusive pull towards a person's location. It is also implied that he can feel the people around him.
Tactile Telepathy Aro Volturi Vampire He can read a persons every thought, past and present, just by touching them.
Linking Autumn Winchester & Sydney Scordatto Human The twins have the ability to communicate with each other telepathically over a short distance. They can also 'feel' each other, no matter the distance. They cannot 'link' with anyone else.
Mental Shield Bella Swan Human Bella has the ability to block out all mental abilities that affect the mind.
Relationship Manipulation Chelsea Volturi Vampire Chelsea can make people turn away from others, and also strengthen the bond of one person to another.
Sensory Location Demetri Volturi Vampire Demetri can locate someone by locking onto the 'tenor' of their mind.
Aura of Happiness Didyme Volturi Vampire Didyme could bring happiness to those around her and herself.
Mind Reading Edward Cullen Vampire Edward can read the minds of those around him.
Ability Identification Eleazer Denali Vampire He can identify if a human or vampire has a special ability and can identify it.
Emotional Empathy Esme Cullen Vampire This power causes Esme to feel the emotions of those around her, to the point that they over ride her own emotions, and she doesn't know it.
Illusion of Pain Jane Volturi Vampire Her power allows her to make you think you're in extreme pain. It's the polar opposite of Alec's
Electrical Current Kate Denali Vampire Kate can create a mental electrical current which shocks the victim when physical contact is made.
Lie Sensory Maggie Vampire Maggie has the ability to sense a lie behind a person's words.
Relational Empathy Marcus Volturi Vampire Marcus can feel the bond between people.
Protective Shield Renata Volturi Vampire If anyone approaches Renata, they will find themselves walking away confused, without knowing why they wanted to go in the other direction in the first place.
Self Preservation Victoria Vampire Victoria has the power to escape any danger, how, exactly, is unknown.
Visual Projection Zafrina Vampire Safrina has the ability to project vivid images into another's mind.