Overview of the Species

The origins of vampirism are unknown to even the longest lived of the species. For as long as any vampire knows, vampires have simply existed. They have been a part of human legends for centuries, with hardly a single culture failing to have some version of the vampire in their mythology. From the time of verbal traditions all the way up to current big budget summer block busters and television shows vampires have long held a dominant place in the pantheon of human fears.

The truth of the vampire is both a lot more simple, and yet complex than what humanity knows of them. Vampires were of course once human themselves. Humans who have been infected with a kind of a virus that causes high fever and excruciating, debilitating pain in the victim. Over the course of several agony filled days the victim undergoes many physiological and psychological changes. Over that time the fever burns through all of the organs of the body, until it finally stops the heart from beating. However, instead of dying, the victim is left with a burning need for the blood of the living to sustain them.

For centuries now vampires have cultivated false lore about their species, to keep humanity unaware of them and misinformed. To literally make certain that their very existence was little more than fantasy and legend. Granting them the ability to hide in plain sight, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. To move among humanity and prey off of them as needed.

But like the humans they feed from, not all vampires are separated so easily into good and evil. While only precious few rise above their natures and strive for a different life. More common, others give into their natures and revel in the depravities they are capable of. But in the end, most exist in the gray zone where all predators dwell, like human beings themselves, doing what they must to survive.

The Gifts of the Vampire

Vampire Weaknesses

New Borns

When a vampire is first created, it is called new born. This is for the simple reason that it is like a new born child. The process of being born into the world of the vampire means re-learning much of the world they once thought they knew. Essentially a new born vampire has no clue, usually, about the new world of enforced secrecy that they've entered into.

That is unless of course the vampire that has made them chooses to guide them into their new life. In that event they will have the benefit of what their creator has learned. But of course often even a creator may not know everything about the world of the vampire. Other times a creator may deliberately mislead a new born in order to control or manipulate them, to point them like a weapon, and then release them on their enemies.

The reason for this phenomenon is simple. At no point in their eternal lives is a vampire more physically powerful then in the first six to twelve months of life. The new born is the most physically potent stage of vampire for the simple reason that their human blood is still flushed throughout their cells. A new born can readily be identified, as their eyes all but glow red with the blood in their system super charging them.

However, while they are physically potent, they are also the most psychologically unstable. In part due to the recent memory of the pain of the transition from human to vampire. Typically the most lasting memory any vampire has from their human life. But also because of their human emotions so suddenly shifting to the enhanced emotional spectrum of a vampire. Without time to learn to control their reactions, the new born is at it's more volatile time as a vampire.

Physically a new born vampire is easily several times again stronger and faster than a typical vampire. These physical advantages begin to fade after the first year of their second life, as the residual blood in their cells is used. But until then they are at the peak of their physical might. Roughly 4-5X stronger than an average vampire, and half again faster. However, like 'adult' vampires there are those that defy the averages to become even stronger and faster yet. As a general rule however even the most gifted of adult vampires never reaches the plateau of physical power that they had as a new born.

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