Common Powers


Clairvoyance allows a character to see images of events happening in the present from a distance. Regardless of obstructions between their location and the one being viewed. However for the character to locate a specific area, object, or person they must have a detailed description or familiarity with the subject.


Usually this ability refers to knowing general outcomes of specific courses of action, with occasional flashes of detailed insight. The better acquainted with the subject the character is, the more likely they are to receive detailed information. This power is only very rarely able to be called on directly. The power typically manifests instead when the future changes in some subtle way, tripping the power and yet another vision.


The talent to sense the needs, drives, and emotions of another. As with Aura Reading, psychic ability can often reveal itself through the development of empathy. Empathy when honed can be used as a rudimentary lie detector, but it can also run wild when used in a crowd.

Sixth Sense

The ability to sense danger directed a one's self. In some rare instances danger sense can also be applied to others that the character is exceptionally close to. But normally the danger must be directed at the character to trip the power. The power will also usually not function if the character can not conceive of the source of the danger as actually being dangerous. IE struck from behind by a close relative or friend.


A means of divination by means of reading patterns of numbers. Like most other forms of precognition the exact results are based in no small measure on the familiarity that the character shares with the subject. However vague results can be generated for almost anyone in much the manner of tarot style readings.


A study in which the numbers reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies. Numerology is used to help determine a person's personality, strengths, talents, emotional reactions, inner needs and obstacles that need to be faced and won over.


The ability to hear sounds over a vast distance, or things that would or should be "inaudible". For example, someone with this ability could be a thousand miles way and "hear" a loved one's cry of distress. Likewise they could hear a mouse's heartbeat in the same room.


Dowsing involves the use of an object (such as a rod, stick, or pendulum) to locate objects. Traditionally used as a means to locate water, the ability may be used to find other things as well. The object pulls in the direction of whatever the character is seeking, leading them to it in the most direct path. Of course that is not always a path that can be followed though.



Post Cognition allows the user to see events that occurred in the distant, or not so distant past. These visions occur as if the character was present to watch them unfold. Though they may in no way, shape, or form interact with the event itself.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to create flames with nothing more than the power of one's mind. Usually the object the power is directed at literally just spontaneously combusts. However some pyrokinetics are also able to literally expel flames directly from their body as well.


The ability to manipulate electrical fields with one's mind. This ability is similar to pyrokinesis, however it is rare that lightning can be directly emitted from the body. Instead lightning is literally 'called' down from above, making the ability much less useful indoors. It can be used to cause shocks when touching someone as well as to disrupt and damage devices that rely on electrical current.


The ability to manipulate water with one's mind. Hydrokinetics are able to shift volumes of fluid with their mind. They must be able to see the fluid in question, which is to say they can not manipulate blood or fluids in the body. Existing bodies of water may be moved, even at high pressure, spraying them as if they were being expelled from a hose.

Sensory Empathy

The ability to know the emotions and internal physical state of others with only the use of the mind. Similar to empathy, but a more advanced form of it. This power can be used to diagnose someone and discover any illnesses or diseases they are suffering from.


A divination method used to do things like foretelling the future or gather information. Other examples of divination methods include tarot decks, runes, fortunetellers using crystal balls, etc. Technically this refers to staring at a shiny or reflective surface to see things in the past, present, or future. Scrying combines most of the abilities of Pre-cognition, Post-cognition, and the clairvoyant powers.


A heightened awareness of your surroundings and people near you. This can be thought of as moving your awareness from just yourself to the area around you, or as moving from "first person" awareness to "third person" awareness like the views in a video game. Think of it has having eyes in the back of your head.


Gathering information either on an individual or a group of individuals. This can be used in a passive manner to gather general information such as the physical condition or emotional state or it can be used in an active manner to attempt to acquire more specific information, such as why someone is ill. Done badly, an active scan can be painful.


The ability to communicate mind-to-mind with another. Often limited to just reading a person's mind, or projecting their thoughts to another at range. A true telepath is capable of both actions. Range is often a limiting agent with telepaths, though some few telepaths are able to ignore range when they are trying to reach someone well known to them. Telepathy only reads conscious or surface level thoughts.



A power most typically associated with mediums. This is the ability to act as a channel or vessel for an outside intelligence. of some kind. Typically spirits of the departed, but on occasion other forces as well.


In this instance the psychic has an insight or "knowing" of a hidden or forgotten fact. More powerful then simple scrying, clairsentience allows the psychic access to knowledge that has never been shared, or is long lost.


The ability to manipulate magnetic fields with just the power of one's mind. Attracting and repelling ferrous objects of various weights. However the power is unable to affect the iron in a living being's blood.


The ability to manipulate the air currents with just the power of one's mind. Creating powerful gusts or sustained wind currents. The relative level of power is insufficient to keep a human sized target aloft for long, but can break a fall. Likewise it can not be used to create a vacuum or influence the air in some one's lungs.


The ability to heal mentally and/or physically with only the use of the mind. The power is far more common with the ability to heal only physical wounds. This is a very draining power, and even more so if mental wounds may be healed as well. Often such healing is only temporary without it being healed several times over to reinforce it.


The ability to heal physically with one's mind. See Vitokinesis but only physical healing is possible.


The ability to heal mentally with one's mind. See Vitokinesis but only mental healing is possible.

Aura Reading

The ability to see the energy fields that emanate from living beings. Psychic ability can often reveal itself through the seeing of auras. Different emotional states and living beings tend to reflect different colored auras.


Communicating with the spirit of a person who has died. This is usually accomplished through some sort of a seance or a material component of some sort.


A link is a psi-based connection between two or more people. Unlike telepathy this power creates a two way method of communication. However it must be between a willing participant. There are usually limitations on the number and range of participants.


This refers to walls or blockages against mental attacks or mental distractions, either deliberately or inadvertently. These are typically used to keep one's mind and or body safe, rather than a location or a group. Frequently this type of ability can only protect body or mind.


Enables a psychic to pick up on psychic impressions (vibrations) left on an object by someone connected with it. Someone with this ability could use an unfamiliar object to reveal much about its owner.


Restricted does not mean that it would never be allowed. You would need to get with staff before considering it.

Astral Projection

The ability to leave one's body and travel in spirit to another location. The Astral spirit is usually unable to be detected, and able to pass through physical matter at will. It is unable in any way to interact with the physical world. However some psychic abilities are able to harm the astral form of a traveler. Also if a traveler loses track of their silver cord, their tether to their own body, they can become lost in the astral plane and never find their body again.


The ability to manipulate ambient light. Intensifying it to a blinding point or diminishing it to create areas of perfect darkness. This ability is able to baffle light on all spectrums as well, including beyond the visible spectrum.


This power allows the user to visit physical harm on another just with the power of their mind alone. Sometimes called the evil eye in more ancient times.


The power to literally be in two places at the same time. Creating a psychic duplicate, either flesh and blood or a psychic construct. However all psychic abilities can be used through either body, and all sensory information is known to both.


Also known as psychokinesis, the ability to move physical objects at a distance with only one's mind. The over all limits for weight and range however can vary wildly from person to person. Likewise the capacity to move one's self can vary as well.


Bodily levitation or flying without the capacity to move more then just one's self. The speed, range, and height can vary wildly from person to person.


The ability to temporarily steal another's powers. The limits as to how long the powers will remain however are different among individuals. As are the impact on the person the abilities are removed from. The most common reactions are unconsciousness, the person remains conscious without access to the powers, or the person retains working use of the powers as they are also borrowed.


This refers to altering the flow of time - whether this is perceivable only to the individual(s) using the skill or not is difficult to say, however it IS possible to alter it to a degree where a 30 minute drive only takes about 15 minutes, and do it without exceeding the speed limit. The exact variance of time compression varies, but is usually far less then half the time.

Dream Walking

Dream walking can be compared to astral projection, except you enter the subconscious dreamworld of the sleeper. Much can be learned about a person through interacting with their dreams. Altering a person's dreams beyond what the mere presence does however can be much more difficult, and often not even possible at all.

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