There are several species that can be chosen from on Shadows of the Night: Werewolves, Vampires, Shifters, and Humans.

Each species has pros and cons to them, their strengths and weaknesses.

Vampires are beautiful, graceful, immortal, and unchanging creatures. With supernatural strength, speed, and durability they are very nearly unparalleled predators. Though not all vampires seek, or desire to be the monsters they so easily could become.
Quileute Shifters
Quileute Wolf Shifters are members of the Quileute Indian tribe born with the ability to phase into the shape of a massive wolf. Taking this form to defend their tribal homelands from their one natural enemy, vampires. An enemy they are well equipped to battle with and even destroy.
Children of the Moon
Werewolves are considered by many to be mindless monsters, little more then savage beasts. However there is more to them then any, especially their enemies might suspect. Hunted by vampires for centuries, werewolves are only now beginning to rise up once more, their rage a terrible thing to witness.
Human beings live in a world with creatures they simply can't know to exist. Supernatural monsters many times more powerful then they are, but far fewer in number as well. Though some human beings display unusual psychic phenomenon themselves straddling the line between human, and supernatural.