Seth Clearwater
Name Seth Clearwater Played By Boo Boo Stewart
Species Shifter Birthday July 28, 1992
Age 13 PoB La Push, WA
Height 5'10" Weight 123lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Power Pack Mind: Like all of the Quileute Shifters, Seth has a mental connection when he's in his wolf form with all the other packmates that are also in wolf form. He can hear all of their thoughts, and they can hear all of his. This only applies to packmates, however. If another pack were to be formed, he would not hear their thoughts.
Parents Harry and Sue Clearwater Siblings Leah Clearwater
Occupation Student
Reputation None Yet

Character Details

Seth is cheerful, friendly, and kind. It all comes down to being an optimist, really. No matter how bad things get, he's able to see the good in other people, in life, in just about anything. That's not to say he can't be hurt or sad or angry, though. He was sad when his father died, and he's been angry at his sister many times. He never holds grudges, though. He might get angry with someone, but he'll never hate them. Even vampires, (who his packmates seem to think he should hate by nature), as long as they don't hunt humans. He also always stands up for his belief in right or wrong.


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