Jason Christopher Lupus
Name Jason Christopher Lupus Played By Gaspard Ulliel
Species Werewolf Birthday Oct 16, 1591
Age 414(19) PoB
Height 6'3" Weight 213lbs
Eyes Light Brown Hair Jet Black
Power Night Stalker: Jason is able to become essentially unfindable at will. However the power hinges on the idea that he is hunting or stalking something, and applies to him in any phase he is in. When he consciously decides to hunt, he can not be detected through any sense other than sight, and even then only if he is being looked at directly, where eye contact can be made. He is hidden from any kind of peripheral vision as well and leaves no foot prints in any type of terrain.
His immunity to senses extends to extra-sensory abilities and gifts as well. Be they vampire or werewolf gifts, or human psychic abilities. He can be detected, or seen normally by such abilities right up until he begins hunting. At that moment he will drop off the radar, becoming cloaked from any such abilities. Even precognitive talents will lose sight of him when he is stalking his prey.
Parents Johnathan Gregor Lupus Siblings Many
Occupation Rebelious Prince
Reputation Coming Soon

Character Details

  • Charming: Jason has a way of getting what he wants from people by smooth talking them He is diplomatic and quite charming when he needs to be. This is often used on people he lacks real respect for, and so doesn't feel the need to be genuinely honest with. On the flip side, if e honestly does respect someone he will usually be on this type of behavior as well.
  • Killer Instinct: Jason has spent most of his long life as an assassin, a killer. The majority of he time he was with his father he spent fighting someone, or something for him. It is in his nature to size up people, threat assess them almost immediately upon meeting them. Often it serves him well, but it can be off putting to some. To particularly strong alpha personalities it can even seem as if it is a challenge of some sort.
  • Irrational Hatreds: There are some things Jason just hates. On a level that slips beyond rational, and slides head long into irrational. Do not harm an innocent, it simply makes him think of his wife and child. Likewise maternal types fall into the same category, unless they are simply evil and asking for it. He has a soft spot for children, and animals as well. Most things innocent, as he had precious little time to be that way himself in his life. He values such things, and will lash out to defend them or simply attack those that cause harm to such.
  • Face Biting: Try and hurt Jason, and he may forgive you. He may even find it funny if the attempt was truly pathetic or poorly played. Actually hurting him, you risk the Beast Within. But hurt someone he cares about, and you almost are certainly unleashing The Beast. The unreconciled emotions he has regarding his father and those he has lost over his life will bubble up quickly when someone he cares for, or worse loves, are hurt. Particularly if it is through someone or something's malicious intent.
  • Disdain: Jason has a certain level of disdain for Vampires and Human Beings. He was raised to fight and kill vampires, and even now that he realizes that most of his life was being guided and directed by a mad man, well it is hard to let go of that. The fact that every vampire he has ever known are predators, something that often sets off his desire to bite off a face, doesn't help much.
    Humanity likewise has a certain propensity to prey on itself quite readily as well. Jason has seen more then a few wars, and the politics and countless other trivial things turn human against human with disquieting ease. With humanity is so willing to destroy itself he feels little remorse is ending one of them that preys on another. Particularly as he feels no connection to them, never really having been one.
  • His Father's Son: A disquieting truth that Jason tries not to think about is that he has in some ways become a monster to fight one. Inside he struggles against that. But each time he does something for the greater good of stopping his father he feels himself slipping away. Without something to buoy him, to help him to make choices without making sacrafices of self to do so. He veers dangerously closer to the road to hell.
  • Fortress of Solitude: Jason has cut himself off from people, any people, for a long time. Unable to remain in one place for long, and still aching inside over the losses he has suffered, he has been in a bad place for a long time now. His kind are not pack oriented by nature. Yet his life has been spent that way, and so by default he has become that. In order to keep from being hurt though, he has made himself very distant. Throwing himself single mindedly for the majority of a century into his own crusade. Time among people might change that, or reinforce it.
  • Love of Animals: Jason tends to like most animals more than most human beings. Given that he can talk to many types of animals, and often finds them easier to speak with, this is hardly surprising. He routinely bonds with animals in a location and finds them later when he returns to that part of the world. Harming an animal maliciously is a good way to get on his bad side. He is a predator, so that isn't to say he is opposed to a hunter who eats what he kills. But rather someone that hurts animals for sport or pleasure. Canines of all sort naturally exist at the heart of his love for animals. But somewhat humorously it is a position shared with cats. This big bad wolf loves him some kitties too.


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