Jacob Black
Name Jake Played By Taylor Lautner
Species Shifter Birthday Jacob Black
Age January 14, 1989 PoB 16(25)
Height 6'6 Weight 202lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Power Pack Mind: As with all shifters, Jacob is part of the pack mind. While in wolf form, he can hear every thought that all of the other wolves in his pack are thinking and they can hear his. This is both a strength and a weakness. A strength because it gives them the ability to coordinate and plan on the fly; a weakness because it means that there are no secrets among the Pack and one packmate's irritable mood can make it unpleasant for everyone else.
Parents Sarah and Billy Black Siblings Rebecca and Rachel
Occupation High School Student and Shifter Beta
Reputation None Yet

Character Details


Once a boy that was almost shy around most people, Jake has always been a very friendly kid. In recent months, he's grown, both physically and in maturity. He's become a strong, confidant young man that cares deeply for his tribe and feels a great sense of responsibility to keep them safe from the dangers of the leeches that he now knows for sure have invaded Forks and the surrounding area. Deep down, he's still the friendly, joking kid that he always has been, but he knows when to put it aside and become the beta that he is.

He distrusts the Cullens, and leeches in general; and especially Edward. He's made no secret of his desire to try to woo Bella away from the immortal teenager that she's dating, going so far as to try to push the rules of the Cullen-Quileute treaty between them.


Name Relation Notes

Bella Swan

Best Friend/First Love Jake has known Bella since they were both small children. Over the last few months, he's gotten a lot closer to her than he used to be and has come to realize that he loves the older girl. Too bad she's infatuated with a leech…
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