There's only a couple of things that need to be understood in order to take full advantage of message timeouts.

1: Once a day, the TR_TIMEOUT attribute on the bbpocket should be triggered. Some games already have a way of accomplishing this. For games that do not, simply have a wizard execute set the 'autotimeout' global parameter: +bbconfig autotimeout=on
Turning that parameter on sets up the board to take care of its own daily triggering. Setting the paramenter to 'off' turns off the BBS's internal

2: There are 3 different timeout values:

The global parameter 'timeout' (set via the '+bbconfig timeout=<days>' command) sets a default timeout that will be set on any new bb groups created after the execution of this command.

The group parameter 'timeout' (set via the '+bbconfig <#>/timeout=<days>' command) sets a default timeout for the group <#>. Any new messages posted to this group will inherit that timeout.

The user command '+bbtimeout <group>/<message list>=<days>' will set the specified timeout on individual messages. Players can only modify their
own messages, wizards can modify any messages. Players can only set timeouts equal to or less than the default timeout for the board, wizards
can set any timeout.

In all cases, a timeout of '0' indicates no timeout.

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