Changes to Myrddin's Bulletin Board

The most recent version of this code, bug fixes, and patches can be found at:


BugFix: Patched a security hole (thanks to Alierak for pointing it out)
PennFix: Minor tweak to +bbremove that will keep Penn's cleaner and prevent odd behavior
Feature: Message headers internal to the bbs now store dbref of the owner of the poster.


Improved +bbscan (Amberyl)
Improved number range error handling (Kareila@ChaoticMUX)
BugFix: +bbmove - better error handling, and replaced missing '}'
BugFix: FN_SETR behaves better for those that need it.


BugFix: +bbsearch now checks permissions properly
BugFix: base 36 to base 10 conversion tweaked to be friendlier to Penn (added a base case of '0' to fold()).
BugFix: Posting to an anonymous board no longer appends your BB_SIG.
BugFix: BBS is now aware of the 8k MUX buffer limit. This affects the 'percentage' full meter.
PennFix: +bbmove tweaked to be friendlier to PennMUSH.
PennFix: Various other PennMUSH fixes, most involving flags. Should help the BBS run correctly on PennMUSH's.
Feature: Post notification now includes [board]/[#]
Help: Help files have been expanded in the areas of message timeouts and locking groups.


BugFix: +bbcleargroup now checks permissions properly
BugFix: +bbcleargroup will no longer re-order remaining groups
BugFix: Automatic post notification for anonymous boards now uses the anonymous 'title' instead of the poster's name.


BugFix: +bbsearch will now work properly on all servers Some attribute cleanup


BugFix: Message ID's no longer improperly sorted by certain commands
BugFix: Update-Installer should no longer scramble message ID's


Misc. security enhancements.
Up to 25% increase in storage capacity.
Support for message timeouts. Fully configurable.
Support for anonymous boards. Configurable 'From' field title. Obviously, MUSH staff can determine original poster.
Post notification: online players are notified of new posts. Configurable
New Command: +bbsearch. Allows user to search a group for posts by a specific author.
New Command: +bbnotify. Allows user to toggle post notification for boards.
New Staff Command: +bbconfig. For setting global/group timeout values, anonymous boards, built-in timeout monitor.

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