Ryan Reynolds
Portrayed by Hayden Christiensen
Full name Ryan Percival Reynolds
Birthday July 23, 1989
Species Human
Age 16
Height 5'9.5"
Weight 148lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Power None
Parents Ryan P. Reynolds Sr. and Brianna Wynn-Reynolds
Siblings None
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Despite the family's wealth, they are very down to earth, rarely flaunt it, unless it is to help the community. Ryan more so. He is kind to everyone, polite. Always willing to lend a hand when it's needed. Offering to help, instead of waiting to be asked. Which has gained him more friends with the elder residents of the community then those his own age. He has his own style of dress, which is geared for comfort, instead of style. He does have good clothes for events that his mother might put on, but he's more comfortable in raggedy jeans and bib-overalls then he is the fancy stuff. Though once in awhile he will put on some khakis or a sweater, or something.

Ryan seems to be the first at school most days. Though, if he gets there too early, he gets bored and will wander with his camera to take photos or movies of the wildlife and such in the woods beyond the school. By the time he realizes how long he is gone, he either just makes it on time, or a hair late.

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