Autumn Winchester
Portrayed by Blake Lively
Full name Autumn Sage Scordatto
Birthday October 13, 1980
Species Human
Age 25
Height 5'4"
Weight 136lbs
Eyes One brown, one blue
Hair Auburn Red
Power Linking, Amplifiee, Pyrokinetic, Hydrokinetic, Latrosis
Parents Markus and Liz
Siblings Sydney and Shelby
Occupation Medical Student

Claim to Fame

Autumn is very much the extroverted woman, though she is cautious about who she trusts. To the people around her she is always optimistic and a very joyful person and is never rude to someone unless they deserve it. Though Autumn does enjoy a good night out, she rarely does so as her daughter takes priority. She is also gets along especially well with members of the opposite sex and has quite the tantalizing allure. Autumn is also quite the chef and hostess and often invites people over for dinners at her house so she can entertain. Autumn like the rest of the world does show vulnerability when she is asked about her past as she truly does not remember anything other then the past 3-4 years. She is also fiercely protective of her daughter and would likely stand up to anyone or anything threatening Trinity as she is the only family Autumn thinks she has left. Occasionally she gets caught up in a moment of deja-vu whether it be from the pit in her stomach or a scent that catches her nose however she can't recall why or what it is she is recalling.

Timeline and Current Plots


Name Relation Notes
Sydney Twin Sister <Description>
Trinity Grace Daughter <Description>
<Name> <Relation> <Description>

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