Sydney Scordatto
Portrayed by Poppy Montgomery
Full name Sydney Paige Scordatto
Birthday October 13, 1980
Species Human
Age 25
Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Golden Blond
Power Linking, Amplifier
Parents Markus and Liz
Siblings Autumn and Shelby
Occupation FBI Special Agent, Missing Persons Unit


Timeline and Current Plots


Sydney is a driven young woman. She will drive herself towards her every goal, and will always push for what is right. She has a strong grounding in what is right and wrong, and the ability to enforce her beliefs. She doesn't like to use lethal force, but, if the situation is deemed necessary, she won't hesitate, especially when it comes to the lives of those she cares about.
Sydney is especially driven about her job. She continues to work as an FBI agent, while looking for her sister. Her job is her life, she never seems to take a break, as she's constantly getting calls at all hours from both the FBI, and the mafia,


Name Relation Notes
Autumn Twin Sister <Description>
Trinity Grace Niece <Description>
<Name> <Relation> <Description>

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